Privacy Policy

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, Hi-Spanish will seek that the processing of personal or sensitive data («Data») is controlled to provide privacy and the right to informational self-determination of the same; we suggest reading this notice since the contribution of Data to Hi-Spanish through any means constitutes acceptance of this privacy notice.

The Data may be transferred, shared and/or transmitted to Hi-Spanish subsidiary companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and suppliers within national territory or abroad for commercial, identification and contact purposes, and to better understand the needs of our clients and to achieve better service.

Hi-Spanish may store, as permitted by applicable law, the information in its database in order to simplify the service for the customers. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of Data is protected by administrative, technical and physical security measures, to prevent damage, loss, alteration, destruction, misuse, unauthorized disclosure or access.

Hi-Spanish values its users and is committed to safeguarding their privacy. In fulfilling this commitment, Hi-Spanish has developed this «Confidentiality Statement», which describes Hi-Spanish policies and practices in regards to the collection and disclosure of personal information on its website.

Member’s ID and password:
To register as an affiliate member or user, Hi-Spanish requires you to choose a user ID and password. If you lose control of your password you can lose control of your personal information and may be subject to legally valid transactions conducted on your behalf. Therefore, if for any reason your password becomes compromised, you should immediately (1) change it by modifying your registration information that was provided to this page, and (2) contact us.

Registration information:
To register as an affiliate member or user, Hi-Spanish requires you to complete a registration form where you specify your name, address and street number, country, phone number, email address and other information. We use this registration information to assist us in carrying out the transactions you have initiated, contact customer service, improve our offerings and services, and collect statistics about our members. We shall use these statistics to rank our members, for example, by country of residence, and to send new services and promotions. We may use your email address to contact you about these new services and promotions or to send promotional communications or electronic messages, unless you do not want to receive these (see below: waiver policy – opt-out).

Affiliate profile:
As an affiliate member or user, you will have the opportunity to supply Hi-Spanish information about your habits, credit card billing information, and other personal information. If you provide us this information, it will help us satisfy your needs without you having to enter that information each time you use our services or products.

Contests and gifts:
From time to time, Hi-Spanish may sponsor or host contests, giveaways, raffles and similar promotions. The information collected in connection with such promotions may include contact information (which allows us to notify the winners) and answers to survey questions (in order to improve our product offerings and services).

Hi-Spanish may perform or present periodic online surveys. Information obtained through these surveys is used to improve Hi-Spanish product offerings and services.

Use of the site:
Hi-Spanish keeps track of the IP addresses of hosts for administration and system security. We also monitor site traffic by tracking page views; this allows us to plan for growth (e.g. adding new servers).

Use of cookies:
Hi-Spanish uses cookies to make the site more «user friendly», allowing you to use services without having to repeatedly enter registration information.

Disclosure to third parties:
Hi-Spanish provides personal information to its external service providers (such as Hi-Spanish programmers) that assist Hi-Spanish in the supply, maintenance and marketing of this page, but these third parties are subject to confidentiality agreements that prohibit the unauthorized use or disclosure of information to which they have access. Hi-Spanish does not sell to third parties “lists of users» or names of individual members, and has no intention of doing so in the future. Hi-Spanish shall disclose personal information to government officials or legal entities when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, and shall disclose personal information if we believe it is necessary to protect against interference with the rights or property of Hi-Spanish or its users. Hi-Spanish may also share personal information with its affiliates.

Storage and transfer of information:
For safety purposes, Hi-Spanish does not keep information on credit card users. For this reason, every time the user makes a transaction they must enter details of their credit card again. Any other personal information is collected and stored on servers physically located in Mexico. Hi-Spanish may relocate these servers elsewhere in the future, and may store personal information in the United States or other countries for backup purposes.
External links:
This page has links to other sites. Hi-Spanish is not responsible for the privacy or content of such websites. If you visit these websites, Hi-Spanish invites you to review their confidentiality practices and policies.

Public access to information:
When placing information in a public area of this page (e.g. announcements, chat groups, electronic photo albums) this information will be available to other members and users of the site. Hi-Spanish can not control the use made by members and users of the information posted on the page. Please remember that any information disclosed in these areas may become public information and you should have caution when deciding to disclose such information.

This site has security measures to protect against loss, misuse, or alteration of information under the control of Hi-Spanish. These security measures include the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a system that lets your browser automatically encrypt data before sending it to Hi-Spanish. Despite our security measures, please bear in mind that «perfect security» does not exist on the Internet.

Information access, update and correction:
You can access, update and correct your registration information at any time through the «My Profile» link on the Hi-Spanish website.

To contact us:
For questions about this «Confidentiality Statement», Hi-Spanish practices, or your dealings with the Hi-Spanish site, please contact us through the «Contact Us» section.

Any modifications to the way Hi-Spanish uses the Personal Information shall be reflected in future versions of this «Confidentiality Statement», and will be posted on this page. Hi-Spanish urges users to periodically check the «Confidentiality Statement».

When browsing and/or using this site you expressly consent to any use and disclosure of information you provide the site («Personal Information») in accordance with Hi-Spanish terms of use and this Confidentiality Statement. This Confidentiality Statement is incorporated and subject to Hi-Spanish terms of use. This site is for travel purposes and any other use is prohibited.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to data processing by submitting your application through e-mail: or in writing to Ortiz Mena 3311-6, Col. San Felipe V Etapa, CP 31240, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, or directly by calling: + 52 614 426 77 44

The site administrator reserves the right to change this Privacy Notice at any time, we recommend continuous revision.